Thursday, December 29, 2011

Batman: Arkham City screenshots *spoilers*

Batman tracks down Joker.

The hacking mechanic is quick and easy and perfectly suited to a controller.

The option here is to gag/ungag Harley. It's a good gag either way.

I so wanted this sequence to turn into the classic arcade game "Toobin'."

The Mad Hatter fight is a great one-off. I particularly like the detail of the rotating gears and clockwork in the centre of the platform. Plus, Batman's floppy ears remind me of Bat-Mite.

Batman with a bat.

The trials... pretty cool look.

All the women in Arkham City tend to look very similar. Firm buttocks, plunging neckline...

The lighting effects are one of Arkham City's greatest assets.

Poison Ivy in all her greenery.

Catwoman weighs her options as she does her best to look like a cat.

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