Friday, July 27, 2012

Sorting, Sorting, Sorting

Just prior to the sorting, the bins await my attention.
I recently started sorting my massive collection of action figures -- I had upwards of 12 Rubbermaid totes stuff full -- and it has been a completely upward climb trying to organize everything, especially when it comes to accessories, which I typically just threw into the tote with little thought of the kind of frustration I would cause my Future Self.

I'm somewhat impressed that I've been able to match up so many of the accessories to the various figures, but I still have a couple of small cardboard boxes filled with swords, guns, tentacles, chains, and appendages. I either can't remember which figure the pieces go with or have no idea where the figure is that pairs with the accessories. And The Simpsons figures are another ballgame entirely. Each figure came with three or four accessories. My memory just isn't good enough to pair that stuff up and I don't have the time necessary to research that stuff. At least the accessories in tend to have a similar look so that makes it a little easier.

I've been heavily collecting and reviewing action figures for the last 12 years and I've built quite the collection so as I sort and bag these figures, I'm in a philosophical battle with myself about boxing them back up and shuffling them down to the crawlspace. I don't really get a chance to "enjoy" these figures. I have a small handful of figures displayed and a few large Sideshow pieces out, but that's it. What good are these things doing packed away?

At any rate, I've been taking pictures so I thought I'd share some:

I have enough Halo figures and accessories -- from Joyride Studios and McFarlane Toys --
to recreate Halo: Reach. The pile includes a Prophet and Flood figures.
Joyride Studios -- defunct -- created a line of SSX figures, which I had almost completely forgot about.
Vampirella from Moore Action Collectibles -- defunct -- was a Comic Con Exclusive.
Bob & Doug McKenzie from McFarlane Toys. It was a good fit considering the
Canadian origins of both
Playmates World of Springfield Simpsons figures produced some really
great figures, including Stephen Hawking.
You'll notice some Crazy Taxi, Matrix, Spider-Man, and even Dragon's Lair stuff on this table., which features a triage centre at the far end. I don't have many "broken" figures but the ones that have been slightly damaged or had some fragile piece snapped off, I've been trying to repair.
I'm not sure how common the Zerg figure is -- or even how I came to
possess this one -- but it's pretty damn awesome.
Some Street Fighter figures from SOTA in this small pile. Plus, a NHL
figure from McFarlane Toys for NHL Hitz 2003. (Also, Bob & Doug accessories.)
Here's an example of an accessory. And I have no idea which figure it goes with!
Shadow the Hedgehog's head. I have yet to find the body. Similarly, I have a Samus Aran head but no body.
If we lived in the Story Story universe, I would never ever sleep.
Some Evil Dead figures in this picture, along with a cat lady from a short-live
action figure producer, Stan Winston Studios.
The Heap is one of my favourites because it got me into collecting again.
Plus, it's a ridiculous character.
I have plenty of game-related figures, this one is from Metal Gear Solid 2. I also
have ones from Command & Conquer, StarCraft, WarCraft, and Luigi's Mansion.
And there you have a quick snippet of the figures I've been sorting through like some kind of elaborate jigsaw puzzle. Through all of this, I'm positive I'm missing a box of figures -- that's the only thing that accounts for some of the accessories I have. Anyway, not quite done yet, so on I go!

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