Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"Adventures With Diapers" (2000)

Wa-a-a-y back on January 16, 2000 another piece I wrote for the Vancouver Province appeared in the "You've Got Kids!" section of the paper. The last column I wrote was about sleep deprivation; this one's about diapers.

Changing diapers goes hand in glove -- you'll wish you had gloves! -- with having kids and this recounts some of the "joys" and challenges of diaper changing. While I'm sure my 13-year old son appreciates reading about himself in this piece, it can't be said that my diaper-changing days are behind me. My youngest is just a little more than a year old so in all likelihood I have another year (maybe) of diaper changes. That's when we switch to changing bed sheets on a regular basis and thanking Science for plastic undersheets.

Getting to the totally "dry" stage has always felt a little like an uphill slog. Getting to the top of that hill, which doesn't smell like urine, is pretty nice though!

I post this article here for the same reason I posted that last one: digital storage. Copies of newsprint just don't seem to last and I don't have any other copies of this article. I also like to remember the fact that I got paid to write this!

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