Saturday, December 22, 2012

"This Generation"

Rather than write a "Game of the Year" feature or some other Top 10 to close out 2012, my approach this year was to take a look at "this generation" of hardware and games and attempt to figure out five hallmarks or touchstones of this generation. The Wii U is the harbinger of the "next gen" and rather than look ahead at "What might be" I decided to take a look back at what this generation would be remembered for.

I probably could have added a couple more aspects of this generation that fit the bill as helping to define this generation, but I felt the five I picked were probably the strongest. These aspects will be the hallmark of what this gen is remembered for:
Part I - Meaningless Rewards 
Part II - Motion Controls 
Part III - Co-Op Gaming 
Part IV - Episodic Games and DLC 
Part V - Open World Games
I tried to be "on point" with my observations and make the pieces easy to read; and offer some evidence for why I picked those aspects.

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