Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sleeping Dogs - 68% Done

My eyes aren't what they used to be. I know this for a fact. I don't wear glasses but it's possible my aged 36-year old eyeballs may need assistance. At least, that's what I'm taking away from Sleeping Dogs.

I'm playing the game on Xbox 360 (and a hi-def display) -- having a good time with it for the most part -- and when I have the subtitles on, which is always, I have a hard time reading them.

The dialogue often dips into Chinese (or Mandarin or Cantonese, I'm guessing), sometimes just for a word or two then swings back to English, but occassionally there are entire exchanges in Chinese which are subtitled in English but the font size is so incredibly small it's like I'm constantly taking an eye exam.

The trouble extends to other parts of the game as well: any part with text, like the menus and mission summations.

It's most troubling because the game actually lets the player adjust the screen size. Why not the font size? Why isn't that even an option?

I understand that United Front Games wants to showcase the graphics and the drama of some of these scenes, but why squelch the text down to Ant Man size? Was the technical side so difficult to deal with that it made heads explode? It seems so easy to me.

Select font size. Click "14." I can read it now!

Was that so hard?

At any rate, I'm approaching 70% completion of the story according to the in-game stats so I should be finishing off Sleeping Dogs -- finally! -- in the next couple of weeks.

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