Friday, January 27, 2012

Mega Man and Pac-Man in Street Fighter X Tekken

I posted this bit of information to AE's News section earlier but it kind of deserves a little more attention.

Mega Man -- as depicted on the cover of the original Mega Man -- and Pac-Man are included as "exclusive" characters for the Playstation 3 version of Street Fighter X Tekken (alongside Cole from the inFamous series). Mega Man in a fighting game is not unheard of and kinda makes sense in the overall scheme of crossover fighting games, but I think it's a stroke of genius to use the original (and ugly as sin) Mega Man cover model.

It does a couple of things that are positive for Street Fighter X Tekken.

The first is publicity. This inclusion is an attention-grabber and will work fighting fans and non-fans into a froth on gaming forums. "How could they do this?" "What will this do to the competitive circuit?" "Geez, that's ugly!" "Geez, that's awesome!" And from what I've read online, there doesn't seem to be any middle ground. Either you're for it or against it. Applauding or booing.

The second thing it does is open the door for other really terrible box art characters to be brought into the digital realm, like Strider or Crack Down. That's either a blessing or a curse. I lean toward the blessing side of that argument.

If for no other reason than to remind gamers of just how far design and art have come thanks to the abundance of processing cycles modern technology allows. Now, what a designer sketches and a concept artist paints can actually come alive in a way that wasn't possible in the early days.

Good on the development team for trying something a little outside the expected!

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