Thursday, January 26, 2012

That Post about "The Curse of HTML (and Other Things)"

Now if your memory is good or you scroll down a couple of posts, I wrote about wanting to work in a place that demands creativity. I wanted to let Vitus have free reign and solve problems "by a deft line of dialogue and a three panel sketch of a cyborg smashing a glass-faced alien right in the head! That's what I crave!"

And yesterday I came across two job postings that would demand just that. I read the description of the jobs then closed my browser. "No, that's too scary. Could I actually do something like that?"

Apologies to Jimmy Stewart.
After giving my head a shake and slapping myself a few times, I applied to both positions. I realized right then and there that I've probably missed great opportunities because a career choice didn't feel "safe" enough. And then there's that whole "Nothing ventured, nothing gained" thing. I'm tired not venturing enough. I'm in what most would call "Ruttsville." I want to shake off the dust of that crummy little town and see the world!

Maybe nothing will come of the applications, but no longer will I stand or sit idly and wait for something to fall into my lap

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