Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Syndicate: Gunplay that is Ammo-tastic!

Starbreeze and EA recently released Syndicate and, from what I understand, it flopped at retail and received mixed reviews. It has been sitting on my "To Review" pile for a while. It got pushed to the bottom by SSX and Mass Effect 3 (two more EA properties) so I'm a little behind the curve on this but, man, is that gunplay ever satisfying.

There's something about the way the guns are animated, the sound and kickback when they're firing, that feels so good.

It's entirely possible that coming off 27 hours of Mass Effect 3 gunplay might have something to do with it. In comparison to Syndicate, Mass Effect 3 is mostly about pop and potatoe guns.
When a gun is fired in Syndicate there's much more report and it's much more, more... what's that cliched term? More visceral.

I'm only a couple hours in so it might well fall off the rails. But I don't think the source material has suffered anything moving from the isometric view of the original games to the more in-your-face nature of a first-person shooter.

I should admit that I got a pretty solid nostalgia hit after spinning up the minigun for the first time. The sound was indentical (in my memory) to when I was ordering around my agents in the origical tactical/strategy game back in 1993.

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