Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Customer Service: Apple Store

If every store had customer service like we got at the Apple store last night, brick and mortar retail outlets wouldn't be in a slow decline.

We had two problems we needed to have addressed: Macbook with a missing "x" and my son's iPod (that had obviously been stepped on), which needed a new screen.

Initially I was put off by the fact one the reps said we needed to make an appointment -- one for the iPod, one for the Macbook. The fact I had three kids in tow put me in a frame of mind that I didn't want to wait, period. Just tell me how much these things are going to cost to repair so we can get this done!

But these things needed to happen, so I made an appointment for the Macbook, for about 30 minutes after we stepped into the store. (It would have been more than an hour later for an appointment for the iPod; son would have to make arrangements for later.) When we came back, the "Genius" handled the repair on the spot. He brought out an "x" and using a multi-tool obviously tailor made for these kinds of repairs, snapped the key into place within a couple of minutes.

No charge!

He then asked if there was anything else he could help us with. My son sheepishly took out his iPod and explained that the screen needed to be replaced. The "Genius" said that the iPod (4th generation my son kept pointing out) screen couldn't be replaced. However, they'd sell a brand new iPod (same make, model) for $99 +taxes. But we'd have to make an appointment...

The "Genius" trailed off a little. "I'll see what I can do for you right now."

And even though there was a sudden surge of people checking-in and making appointments for their own Apple products, The Genius handled it with a cool head and within about 15 minutes we were walking out of the store with what we came for and completely satisfied with the service and how we were treated. Hats off to all those at the Metrotown Apple Store location!

And my son (hopefully) learned a lesson about the proper care of sensitive electronic equipment! That $100 basically wiped out his bank account.

Customer service was dazzling and I got just a little insight into why Apple products tend to develop such a following. The product is solid, but the company manages (at least in my experience) to back it up with great customer service.

All other retailers should be looking at whatever process and training Apple retail employees experience and work on duplicating it. Those retailers just might save their damn skins.

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