Thursday, May 10, 2012

The PAST! (Part 2: Even Further Back!)

From memory (sorry, I don't remember all the last names):
(Upper, left to right) Mr. Graham, Louis Ferris, Jason Podas, Paul Vorachek,  Jason Lange, Nathan Pasecreta, Greg Olson, Steve Domaas, Aaron Bradford, Me! (middle row, left to right) Jarred Trudell, Daniel Tryko, Robbie Simpson, Courtney Edwards, Trevor Anderson, Aaron Schiller,  Brian Purca (sitting, left-to-right) Nadia, Emily Campbell, Michelle Tansey, Melanie Green, Kelly, Tara Bruno, Tanner Ansley, Jessica Matheson, Debbie Van Sickle.
I'm very easy to spot in the class picture above. I'm the tall one on the end that isn't wearing a tie.

In that picture I'm 12-years old (and the original GameBoy was blowing my mind). And more than 20 years after that picture, I'm almost unrecognizable.

In 1989-90 I was definitely more angular, had more hair (though its length has remained consistent), and I smirked a lot. In comparison to my current state... well, now I look tired. There are some years on my face, which is definitely filled out, but it's the hockey bags under my eyes more than anything that show the distance between Then and Now.

My elementary school, Herbert Spencer, is celebrating it's 100th Anniversary on Saturday, June 9, 2012 and there was a call in the local paper for memories of the place and the people that have passed through its halls. (Get in touch with Principal Fulton -- -- to submit your own memories.)

So, I cracked open the "memory" binder that my Mom filled up over the years. It's a treasure trove of personal memories and a showcase of evolution between school in the '80s and the '10s. I'll start rolling some of these things out over the next while.

And if you attended Herbert Spencer Elementary in New Westminster, think about dropping by for the 100th Anniversary celebrations!

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