Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"For Display Purposes Only"

The bust, I mean, dust is a real challenge with mixed
media statues.
Dust is a problem for just about everyone and everything. Space dust, skin dust, dirt dust, clothing dust, dust dust... dust comes from everywhere and it's murder on things like electronics and lungs (especially if it's asbestos dust). Being a bit of a collector -- action figures and large collectibles mostly -- dust can drive me to distraction because next to heated electronics and my CPU fan nothing collects more dust than my collectibles.

For the plastic and poly resin figures, clean-up is easy. A little warm water and air drying is enough to bring the figure back to it's dust-free state. However, when it comes to mixed media statues (figures that combine plastic, polystone, and, in some cases, fabric) it becomes a real issue.

When I had Morrigan (Darkstalkers) on display I was constantly blowing dust off the leggings until my wife asked me if I wanted to be alone. Currently the issue is present with M. Bison.

The "solid" areas of the figure are easy enough to keep dusty free. A slightly damp shami is enough to keep the base, shoes, leggings, shoulder pads, heads and hands clear of dust (at least temporarily). But the spandex suit and cape dust free is a challenge. It's like a magnet! And because the suit is black, any dust shows up very quickly.

This has led me to start designs on a lighted display shelf. But it has also pushed me to look for other enclosed display options. The first one I found is available on Sideshow Collectibles site -- actually, there's three different sizes but the largest is probably best in my situation.

This is it here:

23.5" H x 23.5 W x 19 L (Jessica Rabbit not included)
Besides being HUGE, the three different lighting options, and mirrored backing make me pause and really consider this. $299.99 is a pretty big chunk of change but in the War Against Dust (WAD) it's small change. And it comes fully assembled. I think about what I could assemble myself for that amount of money, but then there's the labouring process of sourcing all the different materials and the ordeal of assembling the thing. Not to mention electrical work.

I'm sure that some DIY electrical work at our previous house provides many sleepless nights for the professional electrician that "cleaned-up" that job.

But I'm not sure if such a display case is the way to go only because I'd have to find a piece of real estate to put it on. That's why I'm leaning toward a display cabinet, which will offer adjustable shelves and will be based on a modification of something that already exists rather than trying to assemble it myself. It won't keep the dust out permanently -- it won't be air-tight -- but it will cut down on the amount of dusting.

If I do finally start building the case, I'll be documenting the process right here.

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