Friday, March 9, 2012

Gotham City Imposters: No, Seriously, How Do I Review It?

 Steam tells me that I've spent about 9 hours "playing" Gotham City Imposters.

"Playing" is misleading as that word would tend to make a reader think I was, you know, actually playing the game rather than watching the match making screen continually cycle. I spent just over 20 minutes last night connecting to a solitary game. And you know, it was fun for the ten minutes it took to win the Fumigation map. But then it was back to watching that same old match making screen.

I've seen other players on the "experience level" in the 50 range. I'm at experience level 4. The ratio of experience to hours played is ridiculous. It should not look like me kill/death ratio in Call of Duty.

So, I come back to this same question I posed weeks ago: How do I review this game fairly?

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