Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mass Effect 3 - Report 2

Okay, BioWare.

First I come across a skittish crazy dude stealing lines from Ghostbusters in Star Wars: The Old Republic -- "Listen! Do you smell that?" -- now this brazen "homage" of a curvy female robot from an Avengers storyline? Honestly, the first time *spoilers* EDI appears, all curves and silver, I spoke to the game: What? What?

I first came across The Bride of Ultron, more properly Jacosta, in an old Avengers storyline called "The Korvac Saga" where the Avengers face off against the biggest threat the universe has ever known after taking public transit to get there. (There's a subplot involving the US government revoking funding and special status for the Avengers.)

But that's actually not the part that bothered me as much as the way the character is "revealed" -- like a stripper stepping through fog.

And to top it off she quickly demonstrates "Lt. Commander Data Syndrome." I expected EDI to explicitly say something along the lines of wanting to see what it meant to be human and she pretty much does just that. Before the end of the game, I fully expect to hear "What is this thing humans call, Love?" with some option for weird robotic hanky-panky further down the line.

I don't think Ultron would be okay with that.

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