Tuesday, August 28, 2012

2003: Paul Myers Show

I've written about this elsewhere, but back in 2003, Mr. Nash and I appeared on AM730 MOJO Radio "Talk Radio for Guys" in Vancouver. The station is long dead, at least the talk radio format. It switched to all sports, and is currently a traffic station.

But back to 2003 in a time just before Christmas.

Nervous would have been putting it mildly. I was practically vibrating with anxiety as Jeff and I sat in the Corus Radio reception area waiting to be retrieved. Which is the only reason I can come up with for the fact I made up answers on the spot rather than say, "I don't know." If Jeff and I did the segment again now, 9 years on and a ton of more experience under our belts, this would have gone very differently. And I wouldn't be as nervous.

Some of the tension at the start of the show was blunted by the affability of the host, Paul Myers. (One of Mike Myers' brothers.) That guy can bounce from one thing to another and still come across as completely coherent and knowledgeable about a wide swathe of topics covering multiple disciplines. He drifted to San Francisco after the station changed formats and he's still there for all I know. Whatever he's up to I'm sure he's tackling it with the same high energy ADHD that he did with his radio show.

I realize this post lacks any focus. I just thought it was neat to hear this segment again after so many years.

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