Monday, February 20, 2012

Gotham City Imposters: How to Review?

It's a good question.
How do I review an online multiplayer game without actually playing the online multiplayer. I suppose the same way I reviewed a box when the game wasn't included. I can review the looks and music and maybe one or two jokes. But no one buys a game, especially a multiplayer shooter, based on those things, do they? It's about how the game plays! Is it fun? Is the action engaging? Is there some inherent level of strategy involved? Do the different classes compliment each other? What about the game modes? Upgrades? The list of questions is a long one and so far I haven't been able to answer any of them for the very simple reason that I haven't been able to reliably connect to a game.

I managed to get connected to a game last night. Kind of cool right off the bat, but I realized there were a mere three (3) players on the map. Three! Fortunately it was a 2-on-1 affair and my team won.  But I've lost count of the number of lobbies that I've suddenly dropped out of or games that have started only to lose the connection even before the map finishes loading. I've spent upwards of two hours now trying to connect to one freakin' game! (The single player experience boils down to training exercises.)

After the first few times I thought it might be NAT settings, etc. so I went in and started messing with that stuff. I always feel a little blind when I do stuff like that. Like making stabbing motions at the keyboard as I edited ye olde and config.sys files in the DOS days. I know I'll get some kind of result but not always be able to foresee what the result might be. Stirring the pot and flipping switches hasn't helped but if I'm to have any hope of providing a review of Gotham City Imposters I might just have to keep doing something until it reliably connects.

Of course, I haven't really considered that maybe there just aren't that many people playing. I won't go down this avenue. Not yet.

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