Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Main Problem with Skyrim

Here's the moment I became an
F12 addict.
So far my biggest problem with Skyrim is that I'm constantly hitting F12 to take screenshots. Every vista, every detail, every place I've been, I keep thinking to myself, "Oh man, that looks so cool!"

I've been very careful about staying on the main story path so far because of the problems I ran into with Mass Effect 2. That game would present these seemingly innocuous choices that might (or maybe they didn't) have repercussions down the line. For Skyrim, I've stayed on the straight and narrow and the only exploration I've really done is the distance I have to travel from story point to story point with a decision early on to always try to take the "good" path during NPC interactions (when they didn't try to kill me first).

After the story is done I might go back and do some more exploring. After all, there might be other vistas and caves that are just begging for a half dozen taps of F12.

There are spots like this all over Skyrim. Places you just want to string up
your hammock and drift into unconsciousness.
Just how many moons are there to see in Skyrim? Maybe the ultimate in-game 
moon is the crazy one from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (N64).
The spider is only on fire because I'm using some kind of flame spell on it.
(I'm not good with knowing the specifics of what things are called -- the
spider is on fire, that's the important thing.)

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