Monday, February 27, 2012

Reviews and Sundry

I've posted my positive review of Alan Wake's American Nightmare and I have to admit that I'm still thinking about the game. That tends to be a hallmark of a good game for me. Do I think about it when I'm not playing it? Do I wish I was playing it rather than writing about it? That's what a good (maybe even great) game is to me.

I'm running into this with SSX at the moment. The review is mostly written but I'd rather be playing it. I started writing the review last night and I couldn't remember the name of one of the modes so I jumped into the game to verify.

It was a verification process that took two solid hours because, hey, you can never be too sure about something.

Also, the scene at this link is from "Watchmen" and was filmed mere blocks from my house. There's a ton of CG involved, but that cemetery actually exists.

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