Tuesday, February 28, 2012

For the Record...

Just wanted to put this "on the record" as far as this blog goes because it's one of the pieces of writing I'm most proud of simply because it seemed to distil -- at least in my own mind -- the complete run of CGW/GFW Radio (on the 1UP Network) in a handful of paragraphs. This was written for the CGW/GFW Radio Reunion at PAX Prime in 2009 to introduce the cast:
A man who flew to Seattle on a flaming burrito,
And woke up on the bathroom floor only minutes ago,
The Peggle-code begging Lord of the Rings himself
Creator of the Monopoly scoring system for PC games
And the "This but this" format of game reviewing,
Getting ready for Frodo's birthday, the real Tingle
A dolphin that can sing like a chicken,
Straight from Chernobyl with the bruises to prove it
George Lucas's worst nightmare, it's
The quiet one with a burning hatred of Mark Millar
And snack machines around the world,
Direct from Dharmaville, Hell Yeah! it's
A prankster with a degree in giving customers the pickle
Straight out of a Second Life acid trip, chomping on candy,
The Punisher of video games, he's here to protect you

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